In order to create Photos & Amenities, firstly press the Menu button on the top left corner of your screen, then Reception.


1. Under Property, click on Photos.

2. You can upload the miscellaneous pictures in the *main gallery* section

3. You can upload pictures based on the room types on the separate sections following the *main gallery*.

4.  You can delete the pictures by clicking on the bin icon on the top right corner of the photo

5. You can change the room type that the photo is applicable to, by clicking on the Change Room Type option at the bottom of the photo.

Note: These photos will be automatically uploaded to your other OTA's such as Booking or Expedia as well.  


1. Under Property, click on Amenities.2. Choose if the amenity/ies on the list belong to all room types or specific ones.

  • If it belongs to all room types you simply select that option and you are done
  • If it belongs to specific room types, select the *some rooms* option and the list of room types will appear, from which you can select the room types this amenity is applicable to.

2. Click on Submit once you have made all the proper specifications.

What’s next?

Go ahead and create your Rate Plan 🙌