1. If you wish to split a reservation, you can quickly do so by tapping and holding one of the days in a two day plus reservation.

2. Choose the reservation you want to split, say one from the 27th to the 29th. Tap on the cell that corresponds to the 28th, and by holding it move it up and down to another available room.  

3. You can reverse your action by the same method. Re-positioning the "split" part to its original room.

4. You can choose to block a specific room, apartment, villa for a number of days. During this time, this unit cannot be sold. To do this, click on the room's number or name and three option will pop up.

  • By selecting Block, the row of that unit will be highlighted. Select which days you want to block, and press the green check button once finished.
  • To reverse your action, the same procedure is applied.

Note: When you click on a room's number. You can choose to change its status as well.