To access your billing information and edit your Billing Details, firstly press the Menu button on the top left corner of your screen, then Settings on the bottom of the list.  


1. Click on Billing, then Overview.

2. On the tab that appears, on the Billing Estimate box you can see how much you need to pay in total per month. On the Billing History box you can see the history of your payments.
At Billing Contacts you can see to whom the invoice copies are sent.

  • You can easily edit your Billing Details by clicking on the  pencil button on the right.
  • Here Card Details can be changed as well as Billing Contact Details.
  • Once done press Save Changes.


You'll be able to see your Active Subscriptions and other Subscriptions you can start, such as Marketing, Housekeeping and Channel Manager Pro.  
On the right the total of your costs will be displayed.


At Invoices, you can view the list and specific details of all the invoices you have sent us. If you click on an invoice, you will be able to download a PDF version of it.

What’s next?

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