If you created a Drawer in Settings at Cash Management, you will see a new menu when you click on the menu button on the top left, Cash Drawer.

1. Simply click on Start Drawer to begin.

2. Below you can see details such as when this drawer started to be used, with what amount, sales, refunds, pay ins and outs.  

3. Talking about pay ins and outs, click on Pay in/out.

  • Select the amount, add a note if applicable and decide if the amount has been paid in or out. You can see the changes in real time in your drawer.
  • When you select to end a drawer, you can add the actual amount found in the drawer and once done, press End Drawer.

4. By clicking on Drawer History, you can view all your drawers. When selecting one of them, the Drawer report with appear, showing you the data about that drawer.

  • You can choose to send this information by email, by pressing Send Report on the top right.

Note: Pay ins are amounts that have entered your drawer, after you had been waiting for them to arrive. Pay outs are amounts you pay with money found in the drawer, say for when new items arrive.