1. In the case when a payment is yet to be made by a guest or he is about to check-out, click on his reservation and then on Account Statement at the bottom of the info card that appears.

2. Tap on Charge at the top right corner of your screen. A module presenting different paying methods will be presented to you.

  • Guests can pay with either their Credit or Debit Card, by swiping it or by entering the cards details.
  • They can choose to Pay Cash; a few suggestions will be shown on the screen or you can enter a custom cash amount. After making the payment, a module pops, asking you whether you would like to send the receipt via email.
  • Opting for an Online Payment, will generate an invoice that will be send to the customers, which they receive via email and complete their payment online.
  • They can choose to Split the Payment Method. Record one part as a Cash or a Card one and add another Payment Method.
  • Talking about other Payment Methods, guests can choose to pay via a Gift Card, Check or any other method that can be applied.

3. In the case a guest has already paid a certain amount, the remaining amount to be paid will be showed. To complete the entire payment the same procedure as above is used.

4. Applying a discount prior to checking a guest out, can be done by tapping firstly on Folio List, after you have clicked on Account Statement.

  • Select the existing folio and choose to Edit it by clicking on the top right.
  • Here you can add additional items and discounts. Click Save once done.

Note: If you choose to add an item, you can apply discounts on that item as well.