To view your account's settings and edit them, go at the Settings menu by clicking on the menu button on the top left of your screen.

1. The procedure to update your account's photo, name, email and number is straightforward. Just click on any of the previously mentioned and apply the new changes.

2. To update your pin, firstly click on it and enter your current pin, then enter your new one.

3. To create a new Printed Station, select Printer and tap on Create Printer Station.

  • Enter the printer's name and either assign it to a printer or choose to connect it to one.
  • If you choose to print Receipts from this device, then you can select if you want the receipt to be printed automatically and if the guest can sign either on paper or on the iPad.
  • If you choose to print Order Tickets from this device, then select if you want to enter a custom number or name on it, or to auto-assign a number. Additionally you can choose which items to include in the ticket by default.
  • If you choose to print Ticket Stubs from this device, then just select if you want to enter a custom number or name on it, or to auto-assign a number.

4. Once done click on Save.

5. To create Tipping policies, select Tipping.  

  • If you wish to collect tips. Either smart tip amount or a certain percentage, if that's the case, write the three tipping percentages that will be available for your customers, say 10%, 15% and 20%.
  • Choose to calculate tip after or before taxes and to allow custom amount or not.

6. Once done click on Save

7. To edit the details of your Drawer, click on Cash Management.

  • Type the amount of the starting cash and select to automatically to send a report when the you End the Drawer for the day.

What’s next?

Go ahead and learn how to use the Grid 🙌