1. When making a Group Reservation, in the module that will appear, add the Check-in and Check-out dates, or select them automatically from the calendar.

  • Select the Guest and Room Type.
  • Choose how many rooms are in this reservation and then select a rate plan for them.
  • By clicking on Next, each of the booked rooms will be listed. Select to Add Guests in any of them, the procedure here is the same as in above mentioned points of filling the guest's data.
  • Once a guest is added in any of the rooms for this Group Reservation, you can Book them.

2. To extend or shorten a reservation, firstly tap on it in the calendar. Select More Details in the info card on the right.  

3. Change the check-out date and press Next and Save.

4. When you click on More Details, you can additionally change the room's type, its number, rate plan, guest's personal information and all other fields.