There are two ways to make a new reservation in Reception The ( + ) button on the top right of your iPad's screen or just click on the date of the check-in and drag it until the check-out date.

1. Click on the (+) button and choose Single Reservation.

2. A module will pop up to fill in the data of your guest.

  • By default the Reservation Status is set to Confirmed and the Agency field will be set automatically to Not Assigned.  You can choose to edit both these settings at anytime.
  • Add the Check-in and Check-out date.
  • Select the room type which the guest prefers and assign a rate plan to this reservation.
  • You can choose to assign it to a specific room, apartment, villa.
  • By default the system puts the guest type as Individual but you can easily change it to Business and it will automatically show the fields to add all the required business details.
  • Fill in the required information, First Name, Last Name, Gender, Birthday as shown in the guest's ID.  

Note: To quickly fill in these data, you can use Scan ID, for more on that click here.

  • Once done, press Book Room/Check In.

What’s next?

Go ahead and Create a group reservation  🙌