In order to Create New Guests (register their individual data) or edit their existing details, firstly press the Menu button on the top left corner of your screen, then Customers.

1. Click on Individuals, then on the blue button on the right New Guest.

2. Fill in the guest's information: Their ID Number, Email address, Name, Surname etc.

3. You can write your impression about this guest. The information written here can helpful to make your guest return.

4. Additionally you can Blacklist a specific guest if you wish so.

5. Once done, press New Guest.

6. To edit the details of an existing guest, click on the guest's name. When you finish applying the new changes, tap on Save Changes.

  • Furthermore, you can view this guest's history by clicking on History, below Edit Guest Details.

Note: A quick way to get a new guest's data, is to use Scan ID when he/she first visits your hotel.