Creating a ticket in Cashier is a simple and easy procedure. Firstly go to Cashier's Grid. If you just logged in, it will appear immediately, if you are in another page, click on the menu button on the top right.

1. Select any of the items presented in the Grid, e.g. Cheese Burger.

2. Choose a version of the product, e.g. Regular size or Large and the modifiers that apply on it.  

3. Note the quantity for this item.  

4. Click on the discount and taxes you want to add.  

5. Once done tap on Add.

6. The list of items for this ticket, the sub total, applied taxes, discount and the grand total will be displayed on the right.  

Note: You can edit the items details by just clicking on its name.

7. Select Save if you want to place this ticket on the bill of a table, room or any other group.

8. Select Charge to proceed to checkout.