If you wish to have all the data of all of your guests, companies and agencies you parter with in an easy accessible place, we’ve got you covered. Firstly press the Menu Button on the top left and then Customers.

Selecting Guests, will display the data of all your existing guests. By clicking in any of them, you can easily either update the specific guest’s information or add a note.

To enter the data of a new guest, firstly click on New Guest.

Fill in the required fields, such as the guest’s Name and Surname. Additionally you can enter their email, phone number, country, birthday and impressions.

By selecting Companies you can see the list of the companies you partner with and their data.

When tapping their name you can either update the existing information or leave a note.

To add the data of a new company, click on New Business.

Enter the required information, VAT Number, Name, Email, Phone Number and Address and select New Business.

Note: Different from when adding the data of a new Guest, at Companies you need to fill all the fields.

Lastly selecting Agencies, will show you the data of the Agencies with which you partner.

Modifying their data is simple, just lick on any of the agencies and update the fields you wish to, once done press Save Changes, or you can choose to Delete a specific Agency by selecting Delete Agency.

To add in the info a new agency, tap on New Agency.

As with Companies, you need to fill in all the required information, such as the Agency’s Name, Email, Phone, Number, Address and Commission.

Select Add Allotment to reserve a specific number of room for reservations coming from this agency.

Choose the room type, number of rooms, cut off days and time extend these rooms will be specifically allotted to this agency.

Note 2: You can add as many allotments as you prefer for each of your agencies.