Once you have logged into the Housekeeping App, you will see all your rooms listed based on their room type, additionally showing their current status.

1. Tap on any of them to change to the room's status.  

Note: When a room is marked as Vacant, at the bottom, Assign Room will be displayed. Click on it to have access on changing the room's status.  

2. Changing the room's status is an easy and swift procedure. At the end of the page scroll up the Set Room Status Bar.  

3. Choose the new status you want to put the room under, e.g cleaning, while the room is in the process of being cleaned.

4. You can add a description or look at existing one (if there are). On the right you can see the time the note was submitted.

5. Once the room is cleaned you can change its status to Clean.  

6. At the begging of a room's tab you can see two menus, Damages and Lost & Found.

  • If you see a damage in the room and wish to report it, click on Damages and the phone's camera will be accessed. Take a picture of the damage and write a description about it. Once finished this damage will be shown at the end of your other notes.
  • The same procedure is applied for Lost & Found items.