To create a new event in Scheduling, you can either start by taping on a preferred time, date and venue in the calendar view or by pressing the (+) button on the top right.

1. Firstly tap on Client and fill in your guest's personal data.

2. Secondly click on Unit to choose the space or venue which will be booked.  

3. Select the date and starting time for the event.

4. You can choose to block a specific time after the event has finished, this timeframe can be used for cleaning, restocking or any additional action.  

5. Add the services which apply to this reservation, plus extra items or discount that go with it.  

6. You can leave a note for your staff and once done press, Create Event.

Note: To edit the swiftly the details of any reservation, click on it and select Edit on the top right and proceed to completing the desired changes. Additionally you can choose to cancel the event by tapping on Cancel Event.