The first thing you see once you log into your Softmogul Account, is the Homepage.

The Homepage is a window that displays the key operations that are going on in your property. It can always be easily accessed by simply clicking on its icon in the Menu Button.  

1. On the right you can view your Arrivals, Departures and Stay-ins. Below the latter if you click on the arrow, you can view Arrivals, Departures and Stay-ins for the previous and upcoming day.

2. On the left on the Performance overview, you can see elements such as your Average Daily Rate, Average Length of Stay and revenue generated by rooms.

3. Below you can find the Rooms status box. It is connected with Housekeeping and shows how many rooms are clean, in cleaning, dirty or in repair.  

4. Looking down for a bit, you can see Gross Revenues, the Cancellation Rate, number or reservations per Channel, top items, categories and services by sales.