To create a Cancellation Policy or edit the details of an existing one, click on the Menu button on the top left corner of your screen, then Property.


1. Under Policies, click on Cancellation Policies.

2. Click on create new policy.

3. First option is a non refundable policy.

4. Choose between first night payment or the entire stay for which the guest has cancelled.

5. Click on Create Cancellation Policy.

Customized Policy

1. Click on create new policy.

2. Second option is Customized Policy.

3. Select if there is a free period of cancellation.

4. If yes:

  • Choose how long before arrival can the guest cancel free of charge.
  • Select how much is the guest charged when they miss the above mentioned deadline.
  • Select the taxes that apply to the cancellation policy.

5. If no:

  • Select the first charge, for X number of days before arrival. (This is usually when they cancel long before the arrival date)
  • Select the second charge, when the above mentioned deadline has passed.
  • Select the taxes that apply to the cancellation policy.

Note: These policies can be assigned when creating a Rate Plan.

What’s next?

Go ahead and create your Deposit Policies 🙌