To Add Employees and Employee Types, create, review, edit or delete the details of an existing one, firstly press the Menu button on the top left corner of your screen, then Settings on the bottom of the list.

Create Employees

1. Under Employees, click on Employees.

2. Click the blue button on the right, Add Employee.

3. Fill in the details, such as the employee's name, his/her role, e.g. Manager, email, phone number and birthday.  

4. Press Create User.

Create Employee Types

1. Under Employees, click on Employee Types.

2. Click the blue button on the right, New Employee Type.

3. Add a name for the new type, e.g Housekeeper and a description.

4. Choose which of the apps this type can access.  

5. Select what features he/she can access.  

6. Press Create New Type.

Note: You cannot delete an employee type, if there are employees assigned to that type. To delete the employee type, you will have to delete all the employees connected with that particular employee type.

What’s next?

Go ahead and create your Taxes  🙌