A rate plan is a standard or special price that you create for  different types of reservations. You can create multiple rate plans depending on your needs.

To create a New Rate Plan, review the list of current ones or update their details, firstly press the Menu button on the top left corner of your screen, then Property.

1. Click on Rate Plans, then New Rate Plan.  

2. Create a name for the new Rate Plan.

3. Select if it is either a normal reservation, or if it's from an agency.

  • In the case, it's from an agency select it, and the list of your available agencies will show.

4. Select if you want to segment this rate plan or not, if yes you can choose a primary market segment and a secondary one.

5. Choose the minimum and maximum number of nights for this rate plan.

  • Select if this rate plan will be available your Booking Engine. (your hotel's website)

6. You can decide to manage this rate plan as a new one, or  as one based on a current rate plan that you have.

  • If it is based on an existing rate plan, select that plan from the list of rate plans. Next you can decide how much cheaper or more expensive (in $ or %) the new rate plan will be compared to the old one.

7.  Further, pick the room types bookable with this rate plan and the price per night for each of them.

8. In the case when the pricing method is on a flat rate, you can move to point

  • If it is occupancy based, then you will have to select the number of guests the price above is applicable for.

Next, you have to choose how much more you will charge per extra person, child and bed. You can see the variation of the price for each room type through the filter on the right.

9. Select the Cancellation, Housekeeping and Deposit Policies.

10. Choose which taxes are applied on this rate plan, e.g. VAT.

11. Lastly, pick for which period the new plan will be available, always or you can select a specific date range.  

12. Press Create Rate Plan.

Note: By deleting a rate plan, you will not be able to recover it and any rooms associated with that specific rate plan cannot be sold if they had only that rate plan configured. Also you cannot take booking from other channels if you are not careful to associate the rate plans that were previously mapped to the one you deleted.

What’s next?

Go ahead and Market Segment your customers  🙌