In order to create a New Device, delete or update an existing one, firstly press the Menu button on the top left corner of your screen, then Settings on the bottom of the list.

What is a device code?

Note: The Device Code that is generated when you create a New Device, is a unique code that can be used to login into an application on a device.

1. Click on Devices, then Create New Device.

2. Select which application, e.g. Cashier will be used at this new device.
(If the app you are choosing is Cashier, Scheduling or Housekeeping next step is to select location where this device will be used.)

3. Write the Device Name.

4. Select the location where this device will be used, e.g. Restaurant.

5. Choose if you would wish to allow your employees to Log out or not.

6. Click on Create Device.

7. A unique New Device Code will appear, you can send the code either via email or SMS to the employee that will be using the device.

Note: On the right of your devices' list, in the occasion that you have or been logged out, you can regenerate a new code to log it in that particular location/app.

What’s next?

Go ahead and create your Employees  🙌