If you haven't already created your items, categories, modifiers and discounts in your Softmogul account, you can always and easily create them in the Cashier App.

There are two ways to create them once you have logged in, either by tapping in one of the empty boxes in the grid or by clicking on the menu button on the top right and then Items.

  1. To create Categories, tap on Create Category at Categories under Items.
  • Name the new category and customize it a bit by choosing a color, icon or a photo that best represents it.
  • Once done click Save.  

2. To create Modifiers, tap on Create Modifier at Modifiers under Items.

  • Set the Modifier's name.
  • Name different option and place a price on them.
  • Once done click Save.

    Note: You can apply this modifier to any item directly from this menu by clicking on Apply Set To Items.  

3. To create Discounts, tap on Create Discount at Discount under Items.  

  • Name the new Discount.
  • Choose if it is either a % one or a specific fee that applies.
  • Once done click Save.  

4. To create Items, tap on Create Item at All items under Items.  

  • Write the items name, select a category for it, price and prices for different sizes or versions.
  • Select a tax that applies to it (this can be added even later), Modifier Set and if applicable write a description.
  • Once done click Save.

Note: You can always edit or delete an item, category, modifier set and discount by simply clicking on its name.