Once you have logged in Cashier, you will be presented with the Grid. It can always be easily accessed by clicking on the menu button on the top right.

On the empty boxes that appear, you can add, rearrange or delete your items and item categories. Click on one the boxes and you will enter editing mode. By pressing one of the pluses, you can place on that specific box an item or category from your library, or you can choose to create on the spot a new item, category or discount. To delete simply click the X that appears on the top right of each box or to rearrange simply drag and drop.  

Once done click on Done Editing.

On the bottom you can see a list of pages, which you can access swiftly. You can change the name of the page by pressing on it.  Write the name of the number of the new page, click on Done and then Done Editing.

On the right of the screen there is the ticket space. If no ticket is displayed tap on Tickets, here you can choose any of your existing tickets, to create a New Ticket or a Group Ticket.

A ticket shows all the products on it, discount and taxes applied on them and naturally the grand total in the end. By selecting the arrow button on the right of the ticket's name, you can clear items, edit the ticket, move it, split or attach a cart to it. Once done click Save or to proceed to payment, click on Charge.