By tapping on the menu button on the top left, you can access two highly insightful menus inside Reception: Overview and Reservations.

At Overview, for each day of the calendar, you can see the number of rooms available, how many of them are reserved, if there is an occurrence of overbooking, how many rooms are out of order or service, deducted or non deducted. The maximum and minimum occupancy level for each day. How many adults and children are currently residing in your property, how many have arrived or departed on that day and how many check-ins and check-out have occurred.

Note: You can filter to view these data for specific room types.

At Reservations, the list of all your reservations will be displayed and at the right of each of them, what their current status is, if it has been confirmed, cancelled or checked-in is shown. Additionally you can see details such as the room placed under this reservation, its check-in and check-out date and the guest residing in it.

On the left of this menu you can filter your reservations, to view only those that are cancelled, checked out, in, confirmed etc.