To review and easily edit your multiple rates, after logging in into your Softmogul account, tap the Menu Button on the top left and select, Rate Manager.

For each room type that you have, the price for all available rates for that type will be shown, additionally availability and overbooking numbers.

Go right and left to see dates, or specifically select them in the calendar option below the Menu Button. By scrolling up and down, you can see all your room types and rate plans.

1. To change the price of any rate for a specific day, simply click its cell and write the new price. You can apply this process to as many individual cases as you wish. If you want to change the price for say an entire week for a rate plan. Tap on Bulk Update and select Prices.

2. Choose the room type and rate plan you want to modify.

3. Pick the dates that will be affected by this new change.

Note: You can leave specific week days unaffected by these changes. E.g. the change will not be applicable for Mondays and Thursdays. |

4. Enter the new price and tap Save.

Note 2: Clicking on any date, gives you the ability to block any of the rates for a room type, or choose to have it not available for check-in or check-out on that particular date.

5. To apply Bulk restrictions, tap Bulk Update and Select Restrictions.

  • The first procedure is the same as if changing the prices of rates. You have to select the details of this change as well, such as min nights of stay.
  • Once done press Save Changes.

6. To change overbooking percentages, the same procedure as above is applied.