To access Reception’s Web App and its features, after logging in into your Softmogul account, tap on the Menu Button on the top right, then select Reception.

1. You will be presented with the calendar grid. By moving right and left you can see reservation for each day and the room availability for that day. When scrolling up and down you can view the list of your rooms and their statutes.

2. To make a reservation you can either tap on any cell in the grid or select Create Reservation on the top right of the screen.

3. To check upcoming or past dates, click on the calendar below the menu button. Automatically the current week will be firstly shown when you open Reception’s calendar.

4. Click on Block Rooms and select which rooms and dates you wish to block for any reason, such a reconstruction.

  • Once done click Save Changes.

5. To change a room’s current status, tap on its name firstly and then select Change Room Status.

  • Once done click Save Changes.

Note: You can filter rooms by their type, by tapping the filter button (left of block rooms) and choosing the types you want to see.