At the heart of most successful decisions a series of analytics, data and graphs lies behind. That’s why we put special focus to build a rich and insightful Reports Menu, which you can access by firstly tapping on the menu button on the top left and then selection Reports at the end of the list of menus.

The first window that will open is Overview. Here you can see for each the performance of your hotel based on different indicators. How many rooms are available for that day, is there an overbooking occurrence, check occupancy levels, details on guests and daily check-ins and check-outs.

Note: You can filter these data to a specific room type by selecting a specific type.

Manager, produces a daily, monthly and yearly reports that can be really handy to managers. Additional to stats on occupancy and your guests, you can see details on revenues and taxes, performance on selected hours, most sold items and a comparison with the previous year.

Note 2: You can easily Export these data in either PDF, Excel or CVS format.

Sales as the name suggest shows total sales based on a time frame. You can choose to view a graphical representation of a summary or specifically parts, such as how the sales of your rooms, items or modifiers is going.

Insights gives you a view on your Bookings, Cancellations and Occupancy.

Guests provides demographics reports on your guests nationality, gender, age or segment group.

Channel Manager shows which channel reservations are arriving at your hotel and to what degree.

Taxes present the the total Sale Gross and what amount of them are taxes, additionally of which specific tax, say VAT.

Lastly Commissions show the commission you partner agencies take and the total amount that comes from that commissions.

Note 3: You can choose to see only the insights of one specific agency. Additionally filters to ease your job are present in each one of the windows that make the Reports Menu.