After logging in into your Softmogul account, tap on the Menu Button on the top left of the screen and select Reception.

There are two ways to make a reservation, either by picking the reservations dates yourself or selecting them specifically.

1. Tap on any cell in the calendar grid and select the number of days under this reservation.

2. Choose firstly the reservation’s status, then a rate plan and its number of individuals.

3. Add in one of the guest's personal data, their name, surname, ID number etc.

4. Check if the invoice’s details are correct and then tap the blue button on top right, Create Reservation.

A second way to create a reservation, is to press Create Reservation on the top tight, while you are on the calendar. You can choose to go either for an Individual or Group Reservation.

5. The procedure here on is straight forward as above, you simply have to select additionally the check-in, check-out and room type for this reservation.

Note: You cab edit a reservation’s details at any time by click on it and More Details, then applying the necessary changes. Once done, tap on Update Reservation.

Note 2: From this window you can additionally charge for the reservation by clicking on Account Statement and then Charge.