Scan ID is one of the coolest and best time saving features build in Reception. To complete a Check-in procedure faster, you can scan the guest's ID while making a new reservation (to learn how to make one go here).

You can use Scan ID either when you are creating a new reservation and ready to fill in the guest data or when editing the details of an existing reservation.

Four icons will be listed at the bottom, above Save: Notes, Item Library, Scan ID and Card on File. Select Scan ID and your iPad's camera will open.

Place the back of the guest's ID Card in front of the screen and make sure that the information in the card is clearly visible and inside the red lined square. Done, you have just gather the needed data in the fracture of a second.

This methods saves you the time of filling manually the customer's data and proceed swiftly to Check-in your new guest.

Note 1: When selecting Notes, you can place a particular note for the selected or new reservation that you are making. You can set a reminder for the note as well if you wish.

Note 2: By tapping on Item Library, you can easily add items and discounts to your reservations.