To review all the transactions that have taken place in your account, firstly tap on the Menu Button on the top left and then select Transactions.

You will be shown the total sum and number of transactions that have taken place during the last week and on the right the Total net sales. Below the two boxes, each transaction that has taken place is listed.

For each transaction the date and time when it occurred is listed, the name of the employee who performed the action, location where and lastly the amount of the transaction.

By clicking on any transaction, further details are presented such as taxes. From here you can choose to Send a Receipt or Issue a Refund.

A lot of transaction easy accumulate, hence a series of filters is build in this menu to help you find a specific or group of transactions.

Firstly you can choose to see only the transaction that have taken place during a specific time frame by selecting the dates in the calendar filter.

Secondly you can choose to see only the transaction that were conducted by a certain type of payment method, say car & cash.

Thirdly, you can filter them by the user who performed the transaction, checking in the process the performance of specific employees.

Fourthly, by the location in which the transaction was made, the Reception, Minibar etc.

Lastly you can export the information of your transaction either as an Excel file or CSV one.